A vision


Live Ride Skate Climb

In establishing a brand and idea, our hope (myself and LRSC) is to promote a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, one that encourages activity, progression and healthy eating. Through mediums like this but also by setting up venues, and contributing to sustainable principles and development.

Establishing principles

To begin with, we shall develop upon six key principles that will eventually form the main themes of our policy and vision, discussion and interest:

  1. Sustainability: securing short, medium and long-term, economic, environmental and social stability, opportunity and empowerment.
  2. Fairness: giving every individual the same opportunity.
  3. Openness: having access to a welcoming and active social environment.
  4. Enriching: improving lifestyles, experiences, and places.
  5. Healthy: promoting well-being and activity, socially, physically and mentally.
  6. Growth: establishing and cathecting (nurturing and giving time to) current opportunities, exploring and creating new ones, and promoting continuous learning.

The aim is to grow networks and establish places that promote these principles, especially through opportunities in craft catering, gardening, climbing, cycling, and skating. These themes will be promoted and celebrate alongside future plans, discussions and developments.

Stay tuned.